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My name is Petra and I am a medical herbalist. I studied with Denis Steward from Southern Cross Herbal School and am a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, as well as the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

Herbal Horse Care developed out of the enjoyment I derived from managing my horses’ health with herbs, something I did not experience when dealing with humans. Animals are so honest in their responses, and as many complementary therapist will say… ‘the head does not get into the way’. When I used to have my herbal medicine practice one of the statements I often heard was ‘it’s just like the placebo effect’… if you want them (the herbs) to work they will and if you don’t they don’t’. Animals don’t know about the placebo effect, so any response you observe after giving your horses a herb for a while… it’s an honest response… even if there is no response at all. It just means that the herb or treatment was not what your animal needed at that particular time.

Herbs are just one way to support your horse’s health, and I strongly believe to get the optimal benefits out of any health management methods, you need to work with complementary modalities, such as nutrition, physical therapy, and sound, what is sometimes knows and ‘nature identical’ animal keeping practices, e.g. barefoot trimming, paddock paradise, natural nutrition, slow feeding… just to name some. I am sure there are lots more things out there we can do to provide a more ‘natural’ feel to the life our domesticated horses are living now.

I am hoping that you will find lots of useful information and links on my website and I welcome your feedback.

Remember, I am not a veterinarian and can not, nor will not, diagnose any disease. All the information I provide is for educational purposes only, to spark your curiosity and interest, what you do with this information is YOUR decision, and I will not be held liable for it.  Your first port of call for any sick animal should be the vet, your animal’s life may depend on it.



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