Hi Petra,

I has been a while since we last spoke so I thought I should fill you in on what has transpired from the Digestive Health Blend, and Shine sample.

I have had five horses on the digestive health blend, one in particular suffered badly from Anhydrosis, he was a rescue Clydesdale Quarter horse cross, very skinny, malnourished, lice ridden and in very poor condition. I put him on a very simple diet, including sunflower seeds, oaten chaff, pellets, cracked barley, Equilibrium Blue (minerals) and copious amounts of good quality hay, plus your Digestive Health Blend, he has gained 140 kgs, isn’t puffing, shiny coat, and his mane and tail look like a mane and tail, not like an old toothbrush!!!!.  He has also been on the Shine, and you can almost see your face in his coat.  He is looking so very well and smiles a lot. I fact I had 50 people here yesterday for a BBQ ad they all commented how well my horses looked ad most of them are on your products!!!!!

Can you please give me a price for the Shine and the Digestive Health Bled as I am almost out of both. I ordered two bags of the digestive health bled ad these have lasted for quite some time.

I have attached a photo of my Buckskin Brumby Jo, you can just see the dapples in her coat, not a very good photo but in real life they are spectacular!!!!

I have also attached a photo of Jummy, look how clear of eye he is, when I first bought him home him his eyes were dull and sunken into their sockets!!

Thank you Petra, I think your products are truly wonderful and the proof is in the pudding. …


Lesley Monro, Centre Manager, RDA Top End, 27.8.2013

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“I have been worked with Petra for about two years now with my mainly Waler horses, but horses of other and mixed breeding as well. She has treated each one of my horses at various stages, from broodmares and stallions, to showjumpers, to dressage horses, to show horses. The results speak for themselves, all my horses are relaxed in their own skin, have personality and move and work comfortably with humans, as well as have properly functioning muscles (always noticeable on show day). Petra is very switched on to horses’ personality and emotions which makes it very easy for her to deal with the most sensitive to the most switched off of horses, the most timid gelding to the most confident of stallions. She is incredibly gentle and the horses instantly trust her in their own space. She always is lovely to chat with, and offers help and assistance with training if asked, but never pushes her training methods or criticises my training methods even if at times, they need assistance. She’s the only NH person I know that it took me 1) two years to learn that she is a NH trained person; 2) that didn’t criticise my unbranded methods; 3) and it wasn’t obvious to me that she was following any method because what she does is so natural, in the truest unbranded sense of the word, an obvious result of training but also a flair in horsemanship no training can provide. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Petra or her work to any other horse owner wanting happy and well functioning horses.”

PennyB. , Peak Crossing, Qld 24.5.2013


“A huge thank you Petra, for your Serenity Blend. Biscuit has been dealing with a few issues lately and Serenity has helped to restore her back to her old self, a much calmer, serine girl. Thank you !!!”

Tracy J, Townsville, Qld, Apr. 2013




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